White Collar Criminal Defense & Government Investigations

Calfo Eakes LLP is the premier white collar criminal defense firm in the Pacific Northwest. Our lawyers have handled many of the most significant and high-profile cases in the region and across the country. We handle a wide variety of matters, including those involving alleged violations of federal and state environmental, healthcare, securities, antitrust, tax, food safety, and worker safety laws. As a part of our work in this area, we assist in responding to grand jury subpoenas, government investigative demands and summonses, and search warrants. It is a hallmark of our criminal defense practice that we are willing and prepared to take cases to trial.  Our recent matters and clients include:
  • Representation of publicly-elected Washington State Auditor Troy Kelley in prosecution alleging wire fraud, money laundering, perjury, tax fraud and false statements. After a six-week jury trial, we obtained an acquittal on the false statement charges and the jury deadlocked on all remaining counts.
  • Representation of president of Native-owned Canadian cigarette manufacturing company in federal tax evasion trial. We obtained a dismissal of all charges after jury hung on all counts.
  • Representation of David Copperfield against false allegations of kidnapping and fraud in a federal grand jury investigation. The government dropped all charges. Related civil case was dismissed.
  • Representation of W.R. Grace and one if its managers in environmental criminal prosecution alleging obstruction of justice and knowing endangerment under the Clean Air Act arising out of company's operation of a vermiculite mine in Libby, Montana.  At trial, the company and all individuals were acquitted.
  • Representation of medical professionals in numerous separate federal investigations alleging fraud of the Medicare program or related programs.
  • Representation of New York Times’ best-selling author of financial self-help books in five-week tax evasion trial alleging improper handling of funds contained in charitable remainder trust.
  • Representation of CEO of real estate syndication company in three-month trial alleging securities fraud, conspiracy, and money laundering in the sale of billions in tenant-in-common interests in commercial real estate. Jury acquitted on all conspiracy and money laundering charges.  Guilty verdicts are currently on appeal and our client is on bail pending resolution.
  • Representation of BP executives in securities and environmental investigations arising out of the Gulf of Mexico fire and oil spill.
  • Representation of Olympic Pipe Line Company (a joint venture of publicly-traded oil companies) in federal environmental criminal prosecution under Clean Water Act arising out of a major gasoline pipeline spill in Bellingham, Washington.
  • Representation of Seattle-based seafood company in FDA-led criminal grand jury investigation arising out of the alleged distribution of adulterated products; government dropped all charges.
  • Representation of seafood company CEO in tax fraud charges alleging underreporting of income; government dismissed all charges prior to trial.
Our firm's criminal defense practice is composed of former prosecutors and other attorneys with the criminal defense experience necessary to obtain successful results in litigation with the government - often the most significant disputes our clients need to resolve.